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Local Delivery

Acex offers reliable door to door solutions for time-critical packages to be delivered within the country. Acex has the most flexible delivery and pickup timings in the kingdom with fleet active on the road for atleast 16 hours per day which ensures maximum delivery attempts hence maximum successful delivery.

International delivery

Acex has ties with multiple reliable carriers in the region and around the globe offering multiple options with regards to cost and transit time resulting in most efficient international delivery service. Acex provides door to door service anywhere in the world along with having COD (cash on delivery) & priority shipping services. Under one roof at Acex, you would find various options for each destination along with most competitive rates & most reliable service.

Imports & exports

Acex offers numerous options of shipping by air, sea or land. From anywhere to anywhere in the world, Acex would have a most comprehensive solution. Land shipping throughout GCC along with some MENA regions. Air shipping from anywhere in the world and also sea shipping from all around the globe, Acex has it all under one roof.

Storage & fulfillment

Acex offers solutions for warehousing, processing & fulfillment especially for E-commerce businesses. Acex would store, manage inventory, fulfill & process orders as per the requirements with total flexibility of providing tailor made solutions. All the inventory would have real time visibility which would help you control your stock levels, streamline purchases & improve order cycle.

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